If you are as ‘Nuts about Tella’ as I am then this is food truck is a MUST try for you. Don’t let the huge lines put you off, the wait is well worth it, trust me! The food trucks are constantly on the move so make sure you check the Instagram page to see where they will be and there’s also a pop up store in Brunswick that’s open most weekends.

My top picks would have to be the famous Leaning tella of Pisa and the Mona Lisa.

Leaning tella of Pisa

4 layered Nutella filled donut burger stack









There’s really not much I can see about this divine Nutella donut burger, other than absolutely to die for. I will let the pictures do all the talking. If you are as obsessed with Nutella as I am, you will guaranteed be drooling as soon as you see the pictures. You are all welcome, but if you are trying to eat healthy, then I am sorry!

Mona Lisa

Nutella, strawberries, dusted with icing









Sounds simple, but that’s all you need for a delicious sweet pizza. What better combination then Nutella and strawberries?! Nuts bout Tella are very generous with their Nutella, a bit too much some would say, but chocolate lovers are in chocolate heaven!


Thanks again for the invite, as a Nutella addict this was way too much fun!! Thanks for constantly feeding our addiction haha!