If you love waffles, ice cream, croissant stuffed with strawberries and gelato then this is the place for you. Black waffle is Northcote’s sweetest new addition and home to the signature activated charcoal-infused waffle cones.

Our favourite picks from the menu would have to be the Loaded Croissant and the Berry Nice.

Loaded Croissant









This gelato filled croissant is to die for. From the first bite to the last it will leave you wanting more, if you are a sweet tooth like me of course. It is rich and sweet, but it has strawberries, that’s fruit, which means it’s healthy right?! It is worth all the calories and the 1000 burpees to burn it off!!

Berry Nice








This stack of waffles is light, fluffy and delicious. The selection of berries bring a sourness and freshness to the dish, while the vanilla ice cream adds a creamy sweet element. This dessert is so light you could eat it all in one go… it definitely is “berry nice” !


Thanks again for inviting us to try your ahhhmazing menu!! Absolutely loved every dish!