Away from the hustle and bustle of Chapel street, Fourth Chapter on Hight St Prahran has an amazing menu that will have you wishing you could try every single dish. I, however, though ahead and brought two people with me so I could try as many dishes as possible.

My two favourite dishes would have to be the Savoury French Toast and the Southern Fried Chicken Bao.

Savoury French Toast

Savoury french toast with forest mushroom, parmesan cheese, creme fraiche,  poached eggs and bacon (added). 

This is the first savoury french toast I have had and I have to stay it was absolutely delicious. Everything about this dish worked, from the fluffy (not too eggy in taste either) toast to the salty cheese to the perfectly poached eggs and not to forget the generous portion size. I struggled to finish this dish on my own, lucky I had some help ! I would come back any day just to have this dish, unlucky for me it’s no longer on the menu . . . what a shame !

Southern Fried Chicken Bao

Southern fried chicken boa with pickled cabbage, chilli mayo and lime

Even though this dish doesn’t look as creative or sophisticated as the others, it was packed with flavour and executed to perfection. The chicken was flavoursome, crunchy on the outside and very moist on the inside. The chilli mayo and lime finished the dish off really well and gave it that added flavour it needed. This dish is a great example of not judging a book by it’s cover, definitely one of my favourites.

Other dishes/drinks I had

Nutella Hot Chocolate
Snickers and Strawberry Shortcake smoothies
Beetroot and Cheddar Waffle